Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to answering every possible question regarding SCJTL programs. This page will be developed over time as important questions are posed throughout the season. Please e-mail SCJTL or call 631-590-5019 with any questions you do not find here. Please click on each answer to view the answers.

1. What is the SCJTL Rain and Weather cancellation and make-up policy?

Weather related cancellations and Make-ups:

High Heat Alerts:

SCJTL sites do not cancel due to High Heat Alerts. The pace of all activities will be slowed to a pace less taxing than the regular schedule. Participants are encourage to bring extra fluids and plan to take frequent breaks.


Every effort is made to determine whether or not to cancel a site due to rain. SCJTL does not call program participants regarding rescheduling due to weather cancellations.

For DAILY activity and WEATHER CANCELLATION information please call:    631-590-5019 or visit SCJTL Web Site: www.scjtl.org - click "ANNOUNCEMENTS" button. E-mail announcements will be attempted if possible.

SCJTL recommends checking the announcement web site and SCJTL Program Line before leaving for any program.

Make-ups: Make-up are schedules as follows:

Summer Tennis League: Next available Friday or as extension to existing sceduled session whenevr possible.

Weekly programs - PCT - HP - ISL - After-school programs: Sessions are added to the end of the program run time or make-up session is scheduled.
Please read specific program make-up policy.

Make-ups count as session dates. No refunds for absence.

2. Does my child have to attend all 6 weeks?

No. The SCJTL Summer League is flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s summer plans. Indicate the total amount of weeks your child can attend. The enrollment fee is indicated next to the corresponding #of wks. Please list the weeks “not attending” in the space provided. If you are enrolling for less than 2 weeks please indicate

3. Can I enroll my child for a few weeks then add more?

Yes. Call the office at 631-590-5019 when you decide to add more weeks. They will be added in our records. The price will be based on the TOTAL amount of weeks sign up for.     
Original sign-up is 2 weeks @ $100.
You now want to change it to a 6 week registration @$165.
You pay the difference between the two which comes out to $65.

4. What is a Junior NTRP?

Junior NTRP is a player rating system developed by the USTA to help group players with similar playing characteristics. Click here for SCJTL Level Guideline page.

5. Does my child have to wear his/her shirt during the session?

Yes. We require all SCJTL player wear their team shirts. This helps with team building and identifies registered players on courts. Registration includes 1 SCJTL shirt. Additional shirts may be purchased by calling the office at 631-590-5019.

6. My child is age 7. Which program should I sign up for Green or Red?

Since the attention span for this age group can vary, parents can make the call. If not sure try the green division first then upgrade should you prefer. Let the Site Director know you wish to do so and he will make the adjustments in his records and tell you the difference in the registration fee. Please note. Change from Red Division to Green may only be made after the first session attended. After which no adjustments will be made.

7.  My player going to be 15 this summer and will be a freshman in high school.  She played on the JV team last fall for her high school but only exhibition matches.  She isn't at the Blue Division level but the White Division ages are 10-14.   Is she ineligible to play SCJTL summer tennis or can she be in the White Division again this year?

She can play in the Blue Division. Age is a priority so she can be around her peers. While there will be players with more experience in the Blue Division there will also be players in the same age and level as she.
I think she would like that better and it is fine with us.

8.  My child is 11 (6th grade), and has been taking tennis lessons for several years. She is currently in their Elite group lesson, and also plays in the Sunday ladder matches. She wants to try out for her Middle School tennis team in August. I am not sure which summer program you offer is best for her in order to help her prepare for the school team.  Can you please advise me?

I recommend the following and why:

1. SCJTL Competition Tennis Camps: This will provide your child with the most comprehensive training to prepare her for the fall.

2. SCJTL Competition Squad tennis team training. This Saturday morning program will help your daughter prepare for her tennis team experience by training with a team. The Comp Squad features live ball drills along with singles and doubles tactical training and competition.

3.SCJTL Summer Tennis League: This is our flagship program.  Over its 14 year history, the Summer Tennis League has provided playing and competition experiences for thousands of Suffolk County tennis team players. This is a perfect opportunity for your daughter to test her skills against her peers. Every tennis team in Suffolk County has player who play or have played in this program.

Each SCJTL program has a different emphasis. Depending on your child's time and resource, if she cannot participate in all 3 programs, then a combination of at least 2 would give her the next best experience. We also provide discounted tennis lessons for SCJTL Family Tennis Members through our Personal Coaching Services.

9. Last Minute Registrations

Best way is to register is ON-LINE:

1. Register On-Line by setting up your FREE SCJTL Membership

2. Be sure to read program confirmation information.

3. Print receipt and bring to Site ready to play.

10. The SCJTL Player Development Plan

Using SCJTL programs and camps is an effect way to improve a tennis player's skills, results, and experience in tennis.

Click here to see what your child's Player Development Plan thru SCJTL can look like.

Questions?? Contact Arias Tennis Corporation
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Suffolk County Junior Tennis League
The SCJTL Summer Tennis League an inclusive  “playing”  experience for all junior tennis participants. Since 1997 the SCJTL Summer Tennis League has offered all participants the opportunity to play on teams on a league that emphasizes fun, fitness and friends.

Tennis Lessons

ATC Tennis LessonsJoe Arias is available for a full range of tennis lessons and personal coaching services. Private and group lessons for all ages and levels. Specialist in tennis biomechanics corrections and improvements, game style enhancement, singles and oubles training .

SCJTL Training Centers

SCJTL Training Center

The SCJTL Training Centers are learning and skill development facilities. Kids and adults learn and improve tennis skills thru SCJTL Personal Coaching Services and SCJT Player Development programs.


Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc.Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc. (SCTEF) is a New York State, non profit corporation and Federal 501(c)(3) created in 2003, with the purpose of providing athletic, educational and charitable activities to all Suffolk County residents regardless of age, ability or socio-economic status.